Trenbolone Acetate
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Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml


Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml (10 ml Vials)

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Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml (10 ml Vials)

Melting Point 94 degrees C

What is Trenbolone Acetate (TRA)?

Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes. This is one of the most versatile anabolic steroids on the market and can provide benefits quite unlike any other steroid. Trenbolone Acetate is officially classified as a veterinarian grade anabolic androgenic steroid. The Trenbolone hormone itself is simply a modified form of the Nandrolone hormone. The Trenbolone hormone carries a double bond at carbons 9 and 11, which in turn slows its metabolism, greatly increases its binding affinity to the androgen receptor, and inhibits it from aromatizing. The resulting change makes Trenbolone one of the most potent anabolic steroids of all time. Trenbolone carries an anabolic rating of 500 and an androgenic rating of 500 as well. Beyond its basic hormone structure, Trenbolone Acetate has the small/short Acetate (acetic acid) ester attached to it. The ester is attached in order to control the hormone’s release time post injection. By carrying the Acetate ester, this gives Trenbolone an active half-life of approximately two days. This, obviously, makes Trenbolone Acetate a relativelyfast acting steroid and will require injections to take place somewhat frequently in order to maintain stable blood levels.

What will TRA do to improve my body?

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis
  • Increased Nitrogen Retention
  • Promotes Insulin-Like Growth Factor
  • Increased recovery and rejuvenation
  • Mass and Strength Gains
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Inhibits Glucocorticoid Hormones (reduces cortisol)
  • Increased fat loss
  • Lean muscle retention
  • Increased hardness, definition and vascularity

Recommend Trenbolone Acetate (TRA) Dosage:

  • Recommended Weekly Male Dosage: 1.5-3mg/lb weekly
  • Ideal injection frequency: 3 days weekly, every other day
  • Minimum cycle length: 8 weeks
  • Ideal cycle length: 12 weeks
  • Maximum cycle length: 20 weeks
  • Female Dosage: Not recommended for females.

Common Stacks:

TRA is a versatile compound those looking to bulk, and gain mass and size will commonly mix TRA with a testosterone variety. For extreme size gains you can also add in an additional oral anabolic such as Dianabol. Turinabol, Anavar or Winstrol. Please note TRA doesn’t stack well with Anadrol. In addition, it is not ideal to mix TRA with Deca as they are both progesterone based drugs and will cause an extremely high buildup of prolactin in the body. For cutting purposes TRA mixes extremely well with Masteron Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, Equipoise, Winstrol and Anavar.

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