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Trenbolone Hex 100mg/ml


Trenbolone Hex 100mg/ml (10 ml Vials)

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Trenbolone Hex 100mg/ml (10 ml Vials)

Melting Point 99 degrees C

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

The substance does not aromatize and is practically non-toxic to the liver, and has been actively used by bodybuilders for years. .

Effects of taking Trenbolone Hex

  • Burning fat cells;
  • Improvement of sexual function;
  • Muscle growth;
  • Increase strength and endurance;
  • Reducing the amount of cortisol.

Trenbolone Hex should be taken no more than twice a week. The dose usually ranges from 300 mg. The duration of the solo cycle is 6 weeks, and the combined cycles 8 weeks.

To improve efficiency and get the best result from taking the drug, it can be combined with Anavar or Winstrol.

Taking Trenbolone Hexcan trigger hair loss, weaken erectile function, increase aggression, rashes, etc. The side effects of using Trenbolone Hex are very rare. After two weeks from the end of the steroid cycle, it is recommended to start Post Cycle Therapy.


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